Alamo Regional Academy of Science & Engineering:

The Alamo Regional Academy of Science & Engineering Fair is an organization made up of community and  business volunteers whose purpose is to focus attention on science and stimulate interest in students beyond class work.

What is the Alamo Regional Jr Academy of Science:

The Alamo Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) offers an opportunity to students grades 6 to 12 to showcase their research.  In the past year, AJAS drew over 200 students and 100 school teachers presenting more than 200 projects that were judged by 180 judges drawn from various fields. AJAS recognizes ARASE’s premier high school students for outstanding scientific research.  High school students (grades 6-12) from across the region conduct research during the school year and present results at AJAS through both spoken and written word.

Who can participate:

Any student from grades 6–12 in public, private, home school, or parochial school in the Alamo region may enter the fair.  Even if your school or district does not have a local fair any student can participate.   As long as all Intel Science and Engineering Fair’s guidelines and rules are adhered to, students may still enter in the Alamo Regional Academy of Science & Engineering competitions on an individual basis.

More information: 

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